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Precision Loans - finance designed for you. As they say "It's your money" and "Finance Designed for You" is our mantra.

We believe that your lending should be designed to help you achieve your objectives and suit your lifestyle. Loan products should be easy to understand, easy to access and allow you peace of mind.

Regulations in the broking industry are continuing to improve across Australia. Think of Precision Loans as being your professional resource in the same way you think of your accountant, financial planner or solicitor. We are in the business of building ongoing relationships with our clients and to think of your best interests, not just those of the bank.

We will work with you and your service providers (real estate agent, conveyancer, accountant, financial planner and lender) during your purchasing or refinance process, while ensuring we help you obtain the finance that best suits your circumstances and needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the steps to buying your home and obtaining finance. This guide is designed to help you through the process, to ensure nothing is missed and that many of your questions are answered.

By all means, please call the office on 07 3171 2923 or 0422 615 413 for more information or to discuss your own circumstances.

The Director, Lynne Sturgess has been in the finance industry for over 25 years.  Having worked in the banking arena for 15 years, Lynne went into Mortgage Broking because she wanted to work in the Redlands closer to home and have the ability to act for the client, not the lender.  Lynne is an experienced finance specialist with a broad background, having worked for a major Mortgage Aggregator for 4 years training and coaching mortgage brokers from Brisbane to Cairns. Lynne values what a good broker brings to the finance industry. The key role a finance broker can play is by offering clients a choice of multiple products and loan providers. Precision Loans' strength is the experience, depth and varied base of knowledge which it has to draw from.


Meet the Team

Lynne Sturgess - Director and Finance Specialist

Lynne has been in the finance industry for over 25 years. Lynne has worked in retail and commercial Banking, then for a major mortgage aggregator for 4 years training and coaching mortgage brokers from Brisbane to Cairns. Precision Loans strength is its people, their passion to help people get the finance they need approved, designing the finance structure for you and keeping everyone up to date. Lynne and the team have a relationship for life approach to business rather then just getting a loan approved. As a business owner, employer, mother and community member Lynne can relate to how finance can put stress on all areas of your life. Having the right finance structure can make all the difference to your success and give you peace of mind, so you can sleep at night. Community and family is important to Lynne and the team. Lynne is the Area Coordinator for the Cleveland 6 Point Halloran Neighbourhood Watch, Vice President of the Redland City Chamber of Commerce, Chairperson of Redland Winners in Business, active member of the Key Business Network, volunteer of Crime Stoppers, supporter of Worldvision, RSPCA, Spirit of the Dragonfly, Be a Hero, Swags for the Homeless, Fred Hollows Foundation and numerous other charity groups.

Jason Whitford - Finance Specialist

Jason has been with Precision Loans since March 2014. Jason is a qualified finance broker, and describes himself as a "dream facilitator" - helping to make your dreams a reality with responsible lending advice. He has a background in Risk Insurance, as well as Civil Engineering design and project management. Jason has strong IT and personal skills which makes him a valued member of the team. He has been instrumental in working on our systems, processes and procedures to ensure that we provide you with the best service possible.

Lynne is very personable and easy to talk to, while having the professionalism and an exceptional knowledge of her business. Lynne is always there to answer my questions and took me through the process step by step which took all the worry away from me...

Tony Anderson – Cleveland, Qld


There are a number of products on the market and it is important that you find a solution that best suits your needs and serviceability. We pride ourselves on our ability to get your loans settled! We have extensive experience in all things lending, including:

Absolutely first class. Having been messed around by our own bank for two weeks, Lynne and her team sorted everything out effortlessly. Straight forward advice, no-nonsense approach and regular feedback. Just what we needed. And thanks to the team at Precision Loans we move into our 'forever home' in 2 weeks. Thanks Lynne

Julie Harris

Loan Calculators

Use our mortgage calculators to find out how much you can borrow. We’ve designed these calculators to help give you a better insight into how the banks will view your loan application.

Please be aware that these loan calculators are a guide only. For more exact expert advice, please get in touch with our team today on 07 3171 2923 - 0422 615 413 - 1300 850 457.


At Precision Loans, we work hard to make sure that you understand what is going on in the financial industry. Our communication initiative to ensure that you are kept up to date through useful and informative communication pieces. We will also let you know the outcome of the monthly Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) meeting, and what this means for your financial situation.

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What does a mortgage broker do?
Mortgage brokers are professional in the home loan industry. They work with you to determine your borrowing needs and how much you can borrow. Brokers help ensure you don't take out a loan that is too big for you. Professional Mortgage Brokers only focus on loans. If you have a toothache, you go to the dentist not a florist. If your car is broken you take it to a mechanic not a librarian. You go to someone trained to help you with your specific need. It's same when you need a loan. Brokers have access to a wide variety of loans. This mean your broker can find a loan is just right for you.

Why should I use a mortgage broker if I can go with a bank?
When we talk about a "loan product" we are referring to the thousands of options that are currently available to you. Each bank (for lender) has loads of different loan options - variable, fixed rate, offset, line of credit, low doc, package loans, re-draw facilities, plant and equipment loans, interest only, interested in advance, introductory variable... the issues you face as a consumer is, 'which loan is right for you?' That is where a mortgage broker comes in. If you go direct to the bank, you will only be offered the loan options available through that one lender. As your mortgage broker, we do all the leg work for you. We are across many lenders and all of their loan products and our sole purpose is to find the right loan for your needs.

Do you Charge fees for Home and Residential Investment loans?
Some mortgage brokers charge a fee but at Precision Loans we don't. When you take out a home loan via a Precision Loan Broker - it does not cost you more. That is an absolute myth. Brokers get paid commission by the bank for bringing new business to them, this does not impact your rate or level of service. Some brokers do charge a fee for their service. They must disclose this fee upfront to you so you know what you will be up for if you engage their services.

Don't you just recommend the lender who pays you the most commission?
Absolutely not! There is legislation in our industry, called the National Consumer Credit Protection Act or NCCP, that is designed to protect consumers and ensure ethical and professional standards in the finance industry. We tell you upfront what commission we will be getting from the bank. Our job, our only job, is to find the best loan for your needs and serviceability. Isn't it more expensive to use a Broker? This is dependent on how much you have saved for a deposit and what you current expenses are. Give us a call and we can go into your options in more detail, or check out the loan calculators page of our site!

How much can I borrow?
There are two main areas that affect your borrowing capacity - 1. Your ability to repay the debt - this is based on your disposable income. 2. Your savings / amount available to put down as a deposit OR equity in another real asset.

Should I go fixed or variable?
I am only allowed to recommend a product based on what you say is most important to you eg "pay my loan off quickly" or "guaranteed repayments" I do however, live by the following;"if you want flexibility take a variable rate loan, if you want budget certainty take a fixed rate loan, if you want both, then do both".

I am not in your area, can we still work together?
Sure thing! We are mobile brokers so we can come to you!

Which lenders do you deal with?
We are Connective Brokers. This mean we have access to many lenders - these include the major banks, second tier lenders and credit unions. We can source you a loan from the lender of your choice.

Who sets interest rates?
The Reserve Bank of Australia meet on the first Tuesday every month to determine the official cash rate for the country. The lenders then use this information to set their own rates. Mortgage brokers do not set rates.

What are the fees for a SMSF loan?
There is an upfront cost to set up the SMSF which varies between $1,000 and $3,000 depending on circumstances. The ongoing fees are between $1,000 and $2,500 depending on SMSF investments and complexity.

What fees am I currently paying?
Different superfunds have different fees. Typically they range between 1% - 3% of the total fund balance. You can contact us and ask us what your current fees are.

What sort of property should I purchase inside my SMSF?
The individual has full discretion as to which property they purchase. Ultimately the investment performance of the property should be the highest priority. There are specific guidelines on property types that SMSF cannot purchase. It is best to discuss this with an expert.

Lynne is a very personable loan broker, and her advice has been accurate, professionally delivered and has achieved very satisfactory outcomes for us from the loan providers in a timely fashion. Not only that but the follow-up service is also very good...

P Detheridge

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When we help you with your borrowing needs, we consider you to be a client for life. We want you to be confident that you are working with someone who has your best interests in mind now and in the long term. We have many years’ experience in finance and mortgage broking. Our aim is to help you navigate the maze of lending, and make the process as simple and transparent as possible!

At Precision Loans, we don't just do Lending. We do Finance Designed for You!

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